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County Board

Mercer County Board.
Redistricting in 2012 per census
District 1 Becky Hawn (R) Keithsburg    12/22
  Bob Flowers (R) Alexis 12/22
District 2 Kirby McLaughlin (R) New Windsor 12/22
  Gary Gregg (D) Viola  12/22
District 3 Linda Koepke (R) Sherrard 12/22
District 4 Josh Frieden (R) New Boston, CHAIRMAN
  Chris DeFrieze (R) New Boston 12/22
District 5 Gary Anderson (R) Aledo 12/22
  Steve Moreland (R) Aledo 12/22

* Meetings are the first Tuesday of each month except when there is an election or a holiday.

* If you wish to appear before the County Board at a General Meeting you must fill out a Board Appearance Request (Located in the Document section in General Documents) and return to Sara Blaser at the Mercer County Clerk's Office (309)582-7021. 
*Mercer County Board Districts, Map and Contact List are found in the Document Section

Committee Assignments
FINANCE Chris DeFrieze Chr.   9 members plus chair
TRANSPORTATION Josh Frieden, Chr., Bob Flowers, Gary Gregg, Linda Koepk, Steve Moreland
LAW ENFORCEMENT Chris DeFrieze, Chr., Gary Gregg, Becky Hawn, Kirby McLaughlin, Steve Moreland
INSURANCE Steve Moreland, Chr., Linda Koepke, Josh Frieden
NEGOTIATIONS / PERSONNEL/ GRIEVANCE Josh Frieden, Chr., Gary Anderson, Gary Gregg, Steve Moreland
ZONING Gary Anderson, Gary Gregg
PROPERTY/PURCHASES/SPECS Steve Moreland, Chr., Gary Anderson, Linda Koepke
ASSESSMENTS Gary Anderson, Bob Flowers, Steve Moreland
ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Chris DeFrieze, Becky Hawn, Steve Moreland
ANIMAL CONTROL Gary Gregg, Linda Koepke
WASTE MANAGEMENT Bob Flowers, Gary Gregg
PUBLIC HEALTH Gary Anderson, Becky Hawn, Linda Koepke
VETERANS ASSISTANCE Chris DeFrieze, Bob Flowers
708 Gary Anderson, Bob Flowers, Linda Koepke, Kirby McLaughlin

Committee Meetings
Finance Tuesday prior to Board Meeting at 6:00pm 
Law Enforcement Thursday second week before Board Meeting, 10:30am at Jail Annex
Transportation Wednesday second week before Board Meeting, 6pm at Highway Dept
Animal Control Wednesday second week before Board Meeting, 5:30pm at Highway Dept
Public Health 3rd Tuesday, 7:30pm at Health Dept
Zoning 3rd Thursday of month as needed, 7pm at Board Room
Economic Development 3rd Thursday of month, 6pm Jail Annex  as needed
Public Building Commission Quarterly at 7:00pm at Annex

* Other committee meetings as needed

Elected County Officials - 4 Year Terms
Clerk and Recorder  Sara Blaser (D) 12/22 582-7021
Circuit Clerk Kristin Relander (D) 12/24 582-7122
Coroner Gregory D. Larson (R) 12/24  
Sheriff Dusty Terrill (R) 12/22 582-5194
State's Attorney Grace Simpson (R) 12/24 582-5381
Treasurer Bev Lower (D) 12/22 582-2524

Department Heads
County Engineer  Rick Walker  582-2715
Supervisor of Assessments  Mary McClellan 582-7814
Director of Probation Teresa Smith 582-5169
Animal Control Dr. Jeremy Joy  
Health Department Carla Ewing 582-3759