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State's Attorney

Grace Simpson, State's Attorney
Matthew Voigts, Assistant State's Attorney
Mercer County State's Attorney's Office
Mercer County Courthouse
100 SE 3rd Street
Aledo, IL 61231
Phone:  (309) 582-5381*
       *Option 6 on automated menu
Fax:    (309) 582-7334

Located on the east side of the first floor of the Mercer County Courthouse by the elevator.

Department Contact Person: Sandy Long

For immediate emergencies call the Mercer County Sheriff's Department, (309) 582-5194 or 911

For court dates, court times, and information on court files or money owed, call Mercer County Circuit Clerk at (309) 582-7122

Hours of Operation: 8:00 a.m to 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday excluding holidays.  Weekend criminal court as needed.

Department Activities / Services

The State's Attorney's Office prosecutes individuals for violations of the Illinois Complied Statutes, including traffic violations, driving while under the influence, misdemeanors and felonies. We also enforce County Ordinances, including abandoned vehicles, cannabis, nuisances, underage consumption/possession of alcohol, dogs running at large, and no rabies vaccinations/no registration. The office also represents County Officers and assists the Mercer County Hospital in collections.

We assist the general public by referring them to the appropriate agency to help solve their problems if it is something that cannot be handled through our office. We assist victims of crimes in obtaining compensation for damages and other losses they suffer because of the situation whether the compensation is sought directly from the offender or through the Illinois Attorney General's Office.

Frequently Asked Questions

My husband was late on bringing the children back from visitation, and he is not paying child support. What should I do?
Generally a private attorney is needed to go to family court where a Judge can enforce your divorce decree. The Illinois Attorney General's Office, Health and Family Service, Child Support Enforcement Division (309) 788-0688 can help enforce child support duties. Also Prairie State Legal Services 1-800-322-9804 can sometimes provide free legal help to low income residents. Of course, if there is violence immediately call 911.
My husband physically abused me and was arrested. Can I now just drop the charges?
No. Domestic battery is a serious crime and once in the system the State's Attorney makes the decision to proceed. This also prevents the abuser or his family from pressuring you because it is not your decision to drop the case. Of course, if the abuser has taken steps to make sure this never happens again, the court case can be reduced or court supervision offered.
What is the usual fine for a speeding ticket and how much more if I want court supervision?
While each case is judged individually, depending on your record, usually a straight guilty plea is $120.00. If you are supervision eligible it is $250.00.
My business received some bad checks. Do I have to hire an attorney or can the States Attorney help?
The State's Attorney has a no cost bad check collection program for businesses and individual victims.
My neighbor's fence may be on my property. Is that trespassing?
Generally, property line disputes and neighbor issues, unless involving violence, are handled informally by police or in civil court. Even in civil court a surveyor may be needed as a witness.
I want a divorce. Can you help me?
By law the State's Attorney's Office cannot assist anyone in obtaining a divorce or deal with issues regarding child visitation. These issues have to be addressed through a private attorney or in some cases can be assisted by Prairie State Legal Services (1-800-322-9804).
My teenage son was caught drinking. What will happen to him?
If it is the first time, a local ordinance violation is filed which means 3 months court supervision and $150 fine, plus costs. Repeated violations can result in criminal charges with much higher penalties.