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Probation & Court Services
100 SE Third Street
Aledo, IL 61231
Phone:  (309) 582-5169*
     *Option 5 on automated menu
Fax: (309) 582-3028

Hours: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Monday through Friday excluding holidays

Location: We are located on the West end of the first floor in the Mercer County Courthouse. All persons must enter through the North doors and go through security. Cell phones, cameras, any other electronic devices, or weapons are not allowed in the building.

Mission Statement

Mercer County Probation and Court Services shall serve the Court by providing enforcement of orders, supervision of those sentenced to probation, community service, Victim Impact Panel, or other directives and reports of investigations.

Mercer County Probation and Court Services shall provide quality supervision to Probationers using assessments and treatment alternatives, affording them the opportunity to become assets to the community in which they live.

Mercer County Probation and Court Services shall protect the community by holding probationers accountable for their actions.

Mercer County Probation and Court Services shall act honestly and with integrity, treating all those who enter our doors with dignity.

Juvenile Services Offered

  • Juvenile Probation Supervision
  • Juvenile Continuance Under Supervision
  • Informal Juvenile Supervision
  • Intake and Youth Assessment Screening
  • Detention Screening
  • Public Service
  • DNA Collection for felons and sex offenders

Adult Services Offered

  • Adult Probation Intake and Supervision
  • Public Service
  • Victim Impact Panel
  • Multiple Offender Victim Impact Panel
  • Spanish Speaking Victim Impact Panel
  • Pretrial Bond Report
  • Pre-sentence Investigation Reports
  • DNA Collection for felons and sex offenders

Qualifications to Become a Probation Officer

  • United State citizen
  • Resident of Illinois
  •  Living within 45 miles of the Mercer County courthouse
  • Bachelors degree from an accredited college or university
  • Valid driver's license with good driving record
  • Liability vehicle insurance coverage
  • Personal telephone

How to Apply: Obtain application through the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts Probation Division, 3101 Old Jacksonville Road, Springfield, IL 62704-6488. Include the Counties where you are willing to work. Any vacancies will be posted to this website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally a private attorney is needed to go to family court where a Judge can enforce your divorce decree. The Illinois Attorney General's Office, Health and Family Service, Child Support Enforcement Division (309) 788-0688 can help enforce child support duties. Also Prairie State Legal Services 1-800-322-9804 can sometimes provide free legal help to low income residents. Of course, if there is violence immediately call 911.
No, Probation and Parole are different. Parolees are supervised by State Parole Agents in the field. Parole is now called Mandatory Supervised Release or MSR. Probationers are sentenced to a set term of Probation by the Court and (generally) do not start their sentence in the Illinois Department of Corrections. Questions regarding parole can be answered by calling (800) 322-6583.
Public Service is work that is completed in the community as specified by law when found guilty of certain crimes, or it can be ordered in lieu of fines, but not costs, fees and restitution.
You can access financial information by going to JUDICI: Mercer County Circuit Clerk Case Search. Select Cases followed by Case Search. Enter your case number using all 4 digits of the year. Click on the case number given on the following list. Then click on fines and fees. It will provide your balance and your due date for your next payment. All fines, costs, fees and restitution are payable to "Mercer County Circuit Clerk", PO Box 175, Aledo, IL 61231-0175. Do not send cash or a personal check. They also have e-pay. There is a fee for this service which is not collected by the Circuit Clerk. Payments take 3 days to complete, so allow ample time to avoid your payment being late. Go to and search Mercer County Circuit Clerk.
We are not allowed to disclose that information. You may inquire in person at Mercer County Sheriff's Department.
A list of approved evaluation providers is available at our office. A list is also available from the Circuit Clerk.
A booklet entitled "Youth Yellow Pages" was printed as a resource to help juveniles with problems before they get into trouble. A copy can be obtained from our office. It lists resources available for AIDS and STD's, alcohol, drugs tobacco, bullying, child abuse, child care & parenting resources, counseling, dating violence, eating disorders, birth control, pregnancy, rape & sexual abuse, running away, self-harm, suicide, and saying "no".