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County Clerk/Recorder

County Clerk
100 SE 3rd Street
Aledo, IL 61231
Phone: (309) 582-7021*
     *Option 4 on automated menu
Recorder's Phone:  (309) 582-1137
Fax: (309) 582-7022

Delinquent Taxes
  • Delinquent taxes are taxes that have gone to a tax sale approximately 1 month after the 2nd installment due date.
  • Payment must be made by Cash or Cashier's check.
  • You CANNOT pay delinquent taxes on-line or by personal check.
  • If you do pay on-line or by personal check, it will be returned to you as "payment not accepted".
  • By law we cannot accept partial payments after the taxes are considered delinquent.
  • You must call the County Clerk's office at 309-582-7021 to confirm the correct amount due. Penalties and interest is subject to change and is not updated on the Website.
  • It is helpful to have your property / 12 digit PIN / parcel number available.

Request For Vital Records

The more information you can give us, the easier it is to search our records. We require:

  • A copy of your photo ID for certified copies
  • A written request accompanied with a signature and address
  • Proof of relationship in the written request (simply state your relationship to the person whose document you are requesting)

You may send your request by mail accompanied by payment for fees.

Our records for BIRTH begin at 1857. We require at least the following for requests:
    • Full name of descendant (if possible)
    • Date of birth or a range of years to search by
    • Parents' names (very helpful because many very old records list the child only as a baby girl or a baby boy)
Our records for DEATH begin at 1877. We require the following for requests:
    • Full name of a descendant (if possible)
    • Date of death or a range of years to search by
Our records for MARRIAGES begin at 1835. CIVIL UNIONS begin in 2011. We require at least the following for requests:
    • Both partners' names
    • Date of marriage/civil union or a range of years to search by
    • If the date of the record is before 1916 - $7.00 per copy, $1.00 for each additional copy of same record (copy will be stamped "Genealogy Only").
    • If the date of the record is after 1916 - $9.00 per copy for genealogy purposes, $1.00 for each additional copy of same record (copy will be stamped "Genealogy Only").
    • CERTIFIED COPIES are $15.00 for the first copy and $4.00 for each additional copy.  For Death Records certified copies are $19.00 for the first copy and $6.00 for each additional.
    • If there is no document found there is a $2.00 search fee.
    • Personal checks are accepted, made payable to "Mercer County Clerk".
We do not have the ability to produce wallet sized documents.

*** You can request copies of birth certificates, death certificates, and marriage licenses online.  To make your request, click the following link:

You can do a preliminary search of records to verify that we have the record before you call or make a request through the ORO (Official Records Online) portal.  Click the following link to begin your search:

New businesses, click on for instructions and form.  Please call or come in to the County Clerk's office with any questions.   If link does not work copy and paste the address into the search bar.  

Application For A Marriage / Civil Union License
  • Your ceremony MUST be held in Mercer County to apply for a marriage / civil union license.
  • You will need a photo ID and you must appear in person to apply
  • The license must be obtained at least one day before the planned ceremony and is good for 60 days.
  • The application requires that you know your parents' birthplace and the month and year of any divorces you may have.
  • FEES: The application fee is $40.00. This fee includes one certified copy. Extra Certified copies of the completed license are $4.00 per each additional copy at that time..

*** You can now begin the process of applying for a marriage license online.  It is still necessary for you to come into our office, but it will streamline the process.  To begin  your application, click the following link:

Recorder Fees

Recorder Phone: (309) 582-1137   Fax: (309) 582-7022

Recording Requirements

  • Documents must have original instruments for recordation, notary seal, date and signature when required, prepared by, return to, and a self addressed stamped envelope for returning.
  • Illinois Public Act #87-1197 statute requires all documents:
    1. must be on 81/2 x 11 inch white paper
    2. have a 3x5 blank square in upper right hand corner
    3. have a 1/2 inch blank margin all around
    4. be in black ink, typewritten or computer generated in at least 10 point type
    5. have no attachments (tape, staples etc.)
  • Failure to comply to any of the above will result in non-standard document fees.
  • 55 ILCS 5/3-5018.1 statute states:  A document making specific reference up to 5 pin numbers and 5 legal descriptions.

Predictable Fee Schedule (eff. 07/01/2023)

*Parcel numbers are required on ALL documents (standard and non-standard)

Standard Recording Fees (5 pin numbers or less):
$86.00 = real estate (no page count)
$68.00 = non-real estate (no page count)

Non-Standard Recording Fees (6 pin numbers or more):
= real estate (no page count)
= non-real estate (no page count)

Plat of Subdivision = $129.00

Plat of Survey = $86.00

UCC Documents = $66.00

UCC Termination = $46.00

For a more detailed description click HERE

Postage paid envelopes

November 4, 2004, Mercer County Board passed a resolution requiring postage paid return envelopes for all documents being recorded, those documents not accompanied by an envelope will be available for pick up in the Recorder's Office. A second postage paid return envelope is required for immediate return of a file stamped copy.

Financing Statements (UCC)

  • Original, Continuations, Amendments, Assignments & Partial Releases - $66.00
  • Only Real Estate Financing Statements (UCC) will be accepted at County level, all others must be filed at State level.
  • Terminations - $46.00
  • UCC Searches - $10.00 for search only - $1.00 per copy additional fee
  • Farm Collateral UCC informational copy - $10.00

All Financing statements (UCC's) must be typed. (eff. 01/01/1997)