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Animal Control

Animal Control
Admin: Matt Lower
Officer: Missy DeBacker
Office: Jacki Miller
1638 State Highway 17
PO Box 188  Aledo, IL 61231
Phone: (309) 582-5215
Fax: (309) 582-5214
Hours of Operation
Office open for registration: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8am to 3:30pm
Closed for Lunch noon to 12:30

If you need animal control immediately/emergency and no answer at office: mobile (309)738-6497, or call the Mercer County Sheriff’s Dept at (309)582-5194 and they will contact an animal control officer.

2022 ANIMAL CONTROL ORDINANCE can be found here.

Mission Statement
Mercer County Animal Control is a small County run facility. We are an open admission facility serving a small rural area. We work closely with no kill shelters and animal rescues that hold a current Non for Profit 501(c)(3) with the Department of Agriculture. It is our goal to place any adoptable animal in a forever home or rescue and reduce the euthanasia rate due to space.

Mercer County Animal Control is to enforce the Illinois Department of Agriculture State Statutes and guidelines along with County Animal Control Ordinances. Mercer County Animal Control is under the budgetary constraints imposed by the Mercer County Board and continues to look towards reducing cost and increasing care.

Department Services
Mercer County Animal Control handles domestic complaints of animals running at large, humane investigations, public safety and county ordinances.

Animal Control will hold an animal for 7 days. If no owner comes to reclaim the animal the facility will place the animal up for adoption if the staff renders the animal to be adoptable. Alternatively, they may render the animal unfit for adoption and attempt to find a rescue or humanely euthanize the animal. It may also be in the animal’s best interest to be euthanized prior to 7 day hold due to health or welfare to prevent suffering.

AnimalControlRegistration (Pet Tags)
 Phone:  (309)582-5216     Fax:  (309)582-5214

Online Payments

Hours:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8 am to 3:30 pm; Closed for lunch from 12 - 12:30pm

All dogs and cats 4 months of age and older are to be vaccinated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian and be registered annually with the county in which the pet resides according to the Illinois Animal Control Act. 

To comply with the Mercer County Rabies Control Ordinance which became effective February 6, 1973, you must present or mail a copy of a current rabies vaccination certificate along with the appropriate fee to Mercer County Animal Control; 1638 Highway 17 (Mercer County Animal Control Department) PO Box 188; Aledo, Illinois 61231.  This is to be done within 21 days from the date of vaccination or anniversary of a current vaccination.

FEES:   Dog - Altered (spayed or neutered) - $20 annually; Un-altered - $35 annually
             Cat - Altered (spayed or neutered) - $10 annually; Un-altered - $25 annually

*Optional 3-Year Fee:   Dog -  Altered - $60; Un-altered - $105 - no refunds
                                             Cat - Altered - $30; Un-altered - $75 - no refunds

*May only be purchased the year that a 3-year vaccination is given.

Late Fee:   A $10 late fee will be charged if either the rabies vaccination is 21 or more days past due or the registration fee payment is over 30 days late and an additional $10 will be charged every 30 days thereafter until the registration fee and late fees are paid in full.

A serially numbered Mercer County rabies vaccination tag will be issued to show proof of registration

The registration is due regardless whether a courtesy reminder bill is received by owner or not

Failure to comply with the Animal Control Act is a petty offense and a fine of not less than $75 or more than $500 shall be issued for each violation.  Fines may be issued daily for non-compliance.

Registration of pups under 7 months of age:  In order to give your vet time to spay or neuter your pet, we charge $20 when the pup is under 7 months of age.  You are to call and inform us when the pup has been spayed or neutered as the veterinarians do not do this.  Pets can become sexually active before this age.  If you do not plan to spay or neuter your pet, we would appreciate the $35 payment when you register.

If you are moving into our county, we need a copy of your pet's(s’) current rabies vaccination along with a current owner name and address for our registration system.  Proof of registration in another county in Illinois is honored for the year that you moved.

If you are moving out of the county or your pet is deceased, you need to inform our office.

If you give your pet to another owner, we need the name and address of the new owner.