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FOIA Officer

The FOIA Officer is responsible for receiving, assessing and subsequently disclosing information in response to requests made to the county under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).   FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT CAN BE FOUND AT THE ILLINOIS ATTORNEY GENERAL WEBSITE

Because of the nature of Freedom of Information Requests we request that you use the Police Report form for any requests pertaining to Police Reports.  The specific information needed for these requests must have the date of the incident, who was involved and the type of incident.  Requests with only Circuit Clerk File numbers will be returned to the requester.   All ofther requests may use the General Form.  Please be specific as to the department of the County that you are requesting the information from and the type of information requested.

There is no longer one FOIA officer for the County.  As such, FOIA requests should be directed to the specific department from which records are being requested.


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